Hectic Schedules, Polluted surroundings, extreme Stress and Strain punctuate our current lifestyle. This takes a heavy toll on our health. Much research is aimed to find and develop ways to be Healthy under such testing circumstances. Since ancient times, good nutritious food has been held as the best path to good health. Good health needs good nourishment. Oxygen and nourishing food are two mandatory needs for the body.

Often, the body is unable to “extract” due nourishment from the foods. That is when supplementing with vitamins and minerals becomes necessary. It also becomes necessary when the demands on the body are extra-ordinary, such as in current lifestyle. Vitamins, minerals and even protein supplements are recommended depending on the demands of the lifestyle. There are some Vitamins which are essential for proper functioning of the body. Vitamin E is one such.

Intake of Vitamin E through the digestive system is probably the best way to supplement it. It has enough medicinal properties to merit it being called a miracle potion. Until recently, Vitamin E was primarily available in the form of Tocopherols either as existing in nature or synthesised. Vitamin E has been known to effect a very important role in the metabolic system. It is considered one of the essential Vitamins required for proper functioning of the body/organism. A more potent “isomer” of Vitamin E has now been isolated that can lay claim to being a “super nutraceutical” in its own right. This lesser known cousin, known as Tocotrienol, is deemed by experts to be up to 25 times more bio-available to the body.

ORAH VITA-E … and its Unique Features

• Does not contain any long chain tri-glycerides. Hence, it is healthier than any Tocopherol and Tocotrienol
product in the market.
• Has very low free fatty acid (FFA) content.
• Has low peroxide value.
• Is extracted during the process of creation of edible oil. The process is completely free of methyl esters and
other toxins such as Agaric Acid, Hydrocyanic Acid, Hypercine and Saffrole.
• Free of any solvents (like Methanol).
• Does not contain any pesticides residue.



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